The Sanctuaires du fleuve offer a structured religious heritage and tourism tour along the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River, at the gateway to Montreal.

At each of the seven stops, you’ll make astonishing discoveries about our history, the traditions of another era and the lives of daring characters. You’ll be amazed by the richness of our built heritage and the undeniable skills of craftsmen from centuries past, not to mention the diversity and exceptional character of many of our furnishings and artifacts.

It’s an invitation to reconnect with our past and its many hidden treasures!

This grouping of seven distinct sites with exceptional architectural and heritage character clearly expresses its desire to promote the richness of our religious heritage and make it accessible to all.

Affordable rates

The first structured religious heritage and tourism circuit in Quebec, our members have adopted a policy of affordable rates for groups. On an individual basis, most sanctuaries are free to visit, or a voluntary contribution is required.

The grouping of seven religious heritage sites on the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River has taken on the mission of pooling their resources to promote history, culture and heritage, encouraging a duty to remember while highlighting the links between past and present.

Spiritual break

With the charm of each of their chapels and churches, the members offer an environment conducive to resourcing or pilgrimage. An invitation to take a spiritual break in this fast-paced age.